Gee Bee's & Sons has been providing top quality bathroom remodeling for more than 30 years. Tub to shower conversions have been the most popular in the past couple of years, but everyone's needs are different. Gee Bee's & Sons offers a 5 year warranty on all remodeling projects so, if you need a bathroom update, tub conversion, bathroom remodel or shower remodel call Gee Bee's & Sons an New York owned and operated bathroom contractor!

There are many reasons to consider a bathroom remodeling project.  For each homeowner the reasons may vary.  The homeowner of today wants more from a bathroom.  In addition to just being functional, homeowners are looking to make their bathroom a soothing environment where they can relax after the business of the day.  More amenities are being added to the bathrooms of today and your bathroom remodeling project may include the addition of a large deep soaking tub, a whirlpool bath, a large custom shower, new cabinets, countertops and lighting.  So if you are in need of a bathroom update or a complete bathroom remodel Gee Bee's & Sons will help guide you through the entire remodeling project with your satisfaction our highest pirority. 

According to the latest research, a bathroom remodel is the best home improvement investment you can make in your home, adding  almost dollar for dollar to appraised value. The average guest bathroom cost starts at 10,000 and the average master bathroom cost start at 17,000 realistically, and if done properly it's money well spent. 

Since most people don’t remodel a bathroom and immediately sell their house, with normal appreciation a $10,000 remodel after just a few years would add around $10,720.00 of value to the home and in 5-7 years - $13,029.00

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